Iconik is a cloud-native solution that securely gathers and organizes media from any storage, while also providing hassle-free media collaboration and powerful automation features. The platform is designed to be user-friendly on any device.

My role

During my tenure at Iconik, a company renowned for its unique culture rooted in trust, ownership, and commitment, I had the invaluable opportunity to expand my expertise across multiple dimensions of product design. This environment nurtured my growth in UI design and development, UX, and graphic design, allowing me to contribute significantly to the product's evolution and impact.

UI/UX Designer

In my capacity as a UI Designer, my responsibilities were diverse and integral to the visual and functional coherence of Iconik's products. I developed Figma libraries to streamline the design process, ensuring efficiency and consistency across the team. My design of UI components was meticulously aligned with the Iconik brand, reinforcing the company's identity across our web-based product, desktop application, and admin tools. This alignment was crucial for maintaining a seamless user experience and a strong visual language across all platforms.

Given Iconik's complex nature and its broad spectrum of customer profiles within the media industry, my role as a UX Designer was both challenging and rewarding. I designed features tailored to various roles and permissions, enhancing the product's versatility and user-centricity. My work on collaboration features, technical features, and admin features was aimed at facilitating efficient workflows and empowering users with diverse needs.

Gathering both qualitative and quantitative data was a key part of my process. Analyzing analytics helped in understanding user behavior, while insights from support lines and interviews provided a deeper understanding of user needs and pain points, informing the design of more intuitive and effective features.

Graphic Designer

My contribution extended into graphic design, where I designed an icon library for Iconik. This included creating common icons as well as icons specific to the technical features and unique needs of the media industry. This work was critical in ensuring that users could navigate the product intuitively, with visual cues that are both familiar and specialized.

Frontend Developer

As a Frontend Developer, I tackled complex frontend architecture using React and TypeScript, an endeavor that required both technical skill and a deep understanding of the product's design principles. I contributed to the component library, ensuring that the development was in strict alignment with the designs, thus maintaining a high level of fidelity and functional consistency across the product.

Other Activities

Beyond these roles, I also channeled my passion for illustration into creating engaging marketing materials. For instance, I designed stickers and screensavers for a trade show, adding a fun and memorable element to Iconik's presence. This creative output not only showcased the product's features in an engaging way but also highlighted the brand's dynamic and innovative spirit.

(ɔ) Pablo Romero Jarén 2024