¿Dónde Está Mi Calcetín?

It looks like someone has lost a sock. Perhaps the octopus under the bed took it? Or maybe the ghost in the library has seen it? Regardless of where it is, finding this sock is going to be an adventure.

Join the wonderful story of four charismatic creatures on their search for a missing sock, and discover the joy of searching and finding, even when the things found are not always the ones expected.

¿Dónde está mi calcetín? (Where is my sock?) is a self-published picture book written in Spanish for children aged 3 and above, as well as beginner readers. The crowdfunding campaign was launched on Verkami on September 15th, 2022, and was published in November 2022 with the help of arpund 200 pledges.

The book is intended for anyone who enjoys fantasy and likes to have fun while reading. It contains 36 pages filled with fantastic and mysterious illustrations that are full of surprises.

The story behind

I was inspired to create this story by my daughter Violeta, who loves taking off her socks since she was a baby. Like the character in the book, her socks end up in unexpected places. Violeta has a very creative mind, and when we ask her where her socks are, she comes up with ingenious stories.

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